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Mon, Mar. 21st, 2005, 11:35 pm

so i had a discussion with a person that was nearly finished with a recently created sigil. he brought up a question or two hoping i could help, but unfortunately i'm stumped, so perhaps someone here could. this is sort of hard to explain....from what i understand, the intent of his sigil was "it is my will to manifest true love with (persons name)". obviously (or maybe not), the aim of this intent is to manifest true love between (persons name) and himself. initially, he thought the intent to be clear and to the point, but then felt it was perhaps too open-ended and vague, as it doesn't not include anything like "to manifest true love between (persons name) and myself" or me, or i, whatever. do you all think this is too vague of an intent and should be worded differently, or is he perhaps just looking into things a bit too much?

and his second question, was that if his original intent was okay, would it be possible for love to manifest between (persons name) and another person that fired the sigil?