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Fri, Sep. 15th, 2006, 05:12 pm
strangedivine: Queer Sex Magick/Mysticism Anthology

Heads up. I'm compiling an anthology to be published (I assume, at this point) through a self-publishing service such as Lulu. I am looking for articles, illustrations, short stories and poetry that treats of queer sex magick and sex mysticism. I don't care whether you're Thelemic, Wiccan, Discordian, whatever. I have a feeling that I will get a lot of material from gay males, which is fine, but I also need as much stuff as possible from lesbian, genderqueer/transgender etc. perspectives. Personally I will be writing about magick involving the manipulation of gender. If anyone is interested, send me an email at gregory.esteven@selu.edu.

Thank you.